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Authentic Information & Answers to Questions About Scientology

What is Scientology?

Why is Scientology a religion?

What is Dianetics?

What is a thetan?

What is the mind?

What is an engram?

What is Clear?

What is Operating Thetan or OT?

Does the Church of Scientology have a Creed? If so, what is it?

Does Scientology have scriptures?

What is the E-Meter and how does it work?

What is training?

What are the dynamics?

Does the Scientology religion have a concept of God?

Do Scientologists have Church ceremonies?

Does Scientology believe in reincarnation or past lives?

What is the Scientology view on drugs?

Do Scientologists use medical doctors?

Is Scientology open to anyone?

What do Scientologists do for society?

Is Scientology active in black communities and countries?

Does the Church engage in interfaith affairs?

What does Scientology do to protect the environment?

Why do some people oppose Scientology?

Why has Scientology sometimes been described as controversial?

Wasn’t there a long battle between the Church of Scientology and the IRS?

Why has the German government tried to portray Scientology as controversial?

What was the Guardian’s Office and does it still exist?

Does the Church of Scientology view the press as hostile?

Why has Scientology been to court a lot of times?

What is Scientology’s view of democracy?

What about the Church’s involvement in privacy and Freedom of Information Act cases?

What has been the Church’s role in protecting free speech and intellectual property rights on the Internet?

Does Scientology engage in brainwashing or mind control?

Is Scientology like hypnotism, meditation, psychotherapy, or other mental therapies?

Does it cost a lot to be a member of the Church and take services?

Is Scientology a secret society?

Is information divulged during auditing sessions always kept confidential?

Can Scientologists come and go as members of the Church if they wish?

Are Church staff members kept isolated in a commune, unable to speak to friends or family?

What is the Rehabilitation Project Force?

How does Scientology view anti-religious groups and deprogrammers?

Why do some people oppose Scientology?

What does the term “fair game” refer to?

What does “suppressive person” mean?

What is “disconnection”?

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