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 Q What is training?

 A Training is the way to learn the spiritual technology of Scientology. It is the word used to describe the study of Scientology principles by a parishioner so they can be applied to accomplish the purpose of improving conditions in life, both his own and the lives of others.

Study programs range from the introductory, where an individual learns the basics of Scientology, to the advanced, where individuals study the higher levels of scripture on their path to advanced spiritual levels. Programs also exist for those who seek to become ministers and apply the auditing technology to others as an auditor.

In every Church of Scientology are special rooms where parishioners study the written works and listen to tape recorded lectures of L. Ron Hubbard in a precise order. A Course Supervisor is present in each course room to assist Scientologists to attain full understanding of the material they are learning. The student finds out for himself that Scientology principles work. A Course Supervisor does not teach, lecture or interpret in any way, but instead refers the individual to the correct material if the student is experiencing difficulty. Because of the checksheets and Supervisor’s role, parishioners studying Scientology materials are able to proceed at their own individual pace.

The end result of auditor training is that an individual is able to minister auditing to another person. In every Church of Scientology around the world there is one passing standard—a 100% perfect auditing session every time. Through Scientology training, that standard is reached daily.

Because Scientology offers an understanding of human behavior, training as an auditor also provides individuals with a means of dealing with real-life situations by understanding their causes. Training gives an individual the know-how to resolve difficulties in life that might otherwise appear unsolvable.

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