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 Q Does the Church of Scientology view the press as hostile?

 A No. The Church regards the media as an important element of society which, responsibly run and responsibly employed, can do a tremendous amount of good. However, biased and irresponsible reporting can cause enormous harm by circulating and perpetuating misinformation which stokes the fires of prejudice.

The Church has worked with the press on thousands of occasions over the years. A responsible press is a substantial contributor to the cause of social reform, and many of the Church’s exposés of human rights abuses have only become known through the help of the media. In fact, the Church’s Freedom magazine has honored many journalists who, through their dedication and persistence, have uncovered abuses or helped to bring about important reforms.

The Church has a policy of making its spokespeople rapidly available to the media during breaking stories so that media representatives have accurate, reliable information with which to work. The Church has also taken a number of steps to provide the media with basic facts about Scientology, such as making this site available. In recent years, Church representatives have met with the editorial boards of major media all over the United States and in other countries to brief them on Scientology, its policies and its activities worldwide. These meetings helped to dispel the rumors and counteract the false allegations that have gathered in morgue files and in editors’ minds over the years. Such meetings have been very beneficial for both the Church and the media.

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