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 Q What is the Rehabilitation Project Force?

 A The Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) is a rehabilitation program offered only to members of the Sea Organization—a religious order consisting of full-time staff members who have signed a pledge of eternal service to Scientology and its goals (See: What is the Sea Organization?). Sea Organization staff who would otherwise be subject to dismissal for serious and/or continuous ecclesiastical violations are offered a second chance through the RPF. Personnel “burn out” is not new to organizations, but the concept of complete rehabilitation is.

Those participating in the RPF both study and receive religious counseling on a daily basis to address areas of difficulty in their personal lives.

Along with study and auditing, members of the RPF work eight hours per day as a team on tasks which improve the facilities of the Church by which they are employed and improve teamwork and coordination among the participants. The work allows the individual to regain confidence in himself and the pride of accomplishment.

Some critics of the Church who do not understand the purpose of this program have tried to intentionally misinterpret it as something other than what it is. Those critics, however, cannot speak authentically from personal experience. Those who know—graduates of the RPF program—attest to its enormous personal benefit, and their appreciation for being able to avail themselves of redemption as opposed to dismissal.

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