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 Q Why do some people oppose Scientology?

 A In the first place, very few do. Of course, as noted earlier, there are those in psychiatry who have long opposed spiritual betterment of any kind, but particularly that offered by Dianetics and Scientology. Then too, behind much opposition to Scientology one will invariably find the covert work of anti-religious hate groups which feed off a false hysteria they themselves create.

However, as the Church has been obliged to publicly expose, those assembled in these groups have been involved in brutal deprogrammings in exchange for thousands of dollars paid to them by gullible relatives of the victims. A large number of them have been caught in the act and gone to jail.

Interestingly, when those who are attacking Scientology lose media support and coverage, their actual numbers turn out to be a very small handful. When these same individuals are no longer connected to anti-religious deprogrammers, their actual upsets are found to be quite insignificant and are readily handled through communication.

What does the term “fair game” refer to?

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