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 Q What does the term “fair game” refer to?

 A “Fair game” is a term which is often intentionally misinterpreted and used by apostate Scientologists and other critics to unfairly tarnish the Church.

“Fair game” was canceled in 1968, more than 30 years ago, expressly because it was susceptible to misinterpretation and misuse. The term meant that apostate members could not seek protection or refuge under the Church’s internal ethics or justice codes. It had been intentionally and grossly misinterpreted by apostates, when all it meant was that those expelled from the Church could no longer take advantage of the internal ecclesiastical support and justice procedures churches of Scientology provide to resolve disputes and upsets among parishioners. They would have to make their own way, unaided, with the justice procedures of the society as their only recourse.

This concept is as old as religion itself. Many faiths reserve the right to expel or excommunicate members who refuse to abide by the moral and ecclesiastical codes of the group.

The term does not appear in the scriptures of Scientology and has not existed since 1968. In fact, its only use since then is not by the Church at all, but by a handful of anti-Scientology apostates and their attorneys who have exploited it in efforts to generate anti-Scientology prejudice in the media or courtroom.

The truth is that Church management never has and never would tolerate illegal or unethical actions to be committed in the Church’s name. The scriptures of Scientology are replete with admonitions to its adherents to build their lives on foundations of honesty and integrity. The commission of dishonesties or harmful acts against another is the road to personal misery and destruction of positive interpersonal relationships.

What does “suppressive person” mean?

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